How Do Doctors Diagnose Anorexia?

Early diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa plays an important role in the complete recovery of the disease. The earlier it is caught the chances of a full recovery with no lasting damage are increased greatly. If you think a family member or a friend may have anorexia it is crucial you talk with them and try to get them to see that they are in fact ill and need medical help.

The next step in treating anorexia is to make an appointment to see our doctor, he or she will ask a series of questions about your lifestyle, your eating habits and any problems that you may be faced with.

Your Doctor will also question you about your family and any other important relationships you might have such as boyfriends, it is important that you are open and honest in your answers as these help your doctor decide which course of action is the best for you.

The doctor may also suggest Family therapy if it’s a young person who is the sufferer, he or she may also feel the need to speak with your family. Your doctor will give you a through examination and will want to check your height and weight of course; he or she will be looking at the average weight for a person of your height and comparing the two. If the anorexic is a young woman the doctor may also ask about your menstrual cycle, for often in young women anorexia causes women to stop having there period. Your doctor will also check for signs or symptoms of dehydration for you may not be drinking as much as your body needs, you will become dehydrated when your body sweats.

The doctor may also want to run a series of blood tests to test for illnesses such as anaemia or diabetes. If you have been suffering from anorexia for a long period of time you may be severely underweight, in which case your doctor may want to run a series of tests to see how strong your bones are.

This test is done by measuring the solidity and strength of your bones. Anyone having had anorexia for any long period of time stands the chance of getting another disease called osteoporosis; this is when your body stops producing the hormone, oestrogen.

This substance is needed within the body to help keep bones strong and supple. Your doctor will ask simple questions such as “do you make yourself sick?” and he will want to know just how much weight you have lost, again it is important that you answer honestly.

The most important thing to remember your doctor is there to help you and he can only do this with your help.

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