Busting Some Breast Feeding Myths

There are just some weird notions bandied about and handed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, these myths are believed to be true in many instances. Well, it is time to bust some breast feeding myths! Read on:

Myth #1 – A lot of women cannot produce enough milk for her baby.

False! Most women do have enough of a milk supply. If the baby is not gaining weight adequately or is actually losing weight, it is usually because they are not latching onto the breast properly. While the mother is still in the hospital after the birth, it is important that she take advantage of the services of a lactation consultant to ensure that the baby can and will be able to feed properly.

Myth #2 – Breast milk will go bad if the baby does not/cannot nurse for a few days.

False! Unlike cow’s milk which can sour within a few days if not consumed, breast milk is protected and not exposed to outside elements which could cause it to go bad. The breast milk will be just as good a few days later as now.

Myth #3 – Mothers who have had cosmetic breast surgery cannot breast feed a baby.

Another falsehood! Many women who have had breast augmentation or reduction have gone on to nurse their babies. It is important for women to consider the possibility of nursing future children when going for cosmetic breast surgery as some procedures do reposition the nipple and areola. If this is the case, then in some instances, breast feeding can be inhibited.

Myth #4 – Moms who breast feed have to follow strict diets and not consume alcohol or spicy food.

False! For the most part, the body digests and processes all the food a mom eats before the body makes breast milk. An occasional glass of wine or even a beer would not hurt a nursing baby. Little alcohol is passed through breast milk. The same goes for the spicy foods. Some people do claim that mothers who consume gassy foods like beans or broccoli will have a greater chance of having a baby develop colic. However, there is no conclusive research that supports the theory.

Myth #5 – Breast feeding is a great alternative for birth control.

False! There have been quite a few nursing babies who got a little brother or sister less than a year later. While in many instances ovulation is suppressed during breast feeding; only abstinence will ensure that no little surprises happen. Nursing mothers can safely take low dose birth control pills without harming their baby.

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