Breast Engorgement Issues? Pump Your Breast Milk!

Breast engorgement can cause the breast to be very swollen and painful and may cause a slight fever. Unfortunately, engorged breasts can cause difficulty breastfeeding as it may cause the nipples to flatten out and the infant may not be able to latch on to get breast milk.

Many women treat their engorged breasts by using ice packs in between feedings and applying heat and massaging the breast to express a small amount of breast milk just before feeding time.

However, if your breasts are overproducing breast milk, the breast pump is the best treatment to relieve your symptoms. A breast pump is simply a device used to extract milk from the breasts.

The milk extracted can be stored overnight to feed the infant the next day or you may simply extract enough milk to relieve the breasts and allow the infant to latch onto the breast properly.

Using the breast pump will relieve the pressure in the breast. However, if your infant has a difficult time with breastfeeding, you can certainly use the breast pump and feed your infant the breast milk in a bottle.

There are many types and styles of breast pumps on the market today. Some breast pumps are manual where you will control the pressure to relieve your breast of an overabundance of breast milk.

Others are electric or battery-operated which may be quicker and more efficient. Some main considerations when choosing a breast pump may include cost, efficiency, how easy it is to use, the size for easy portability, and noise level of the machine.

The important thing to remember is that every woman will have their own preference when it comes to the breast pump. Extracting breast milk with the use of a breast pump is quite easy to do thanks to the invention of the breast pump.

The breast pump has made things easier for the working woman, allowing her the option to feed her infant breast milk. Moreover, women no longer have to suffer from breast engorgement and no longer have to try to extract their breast milk by hand.

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