Come spring, Lawnmower Injuries Spring Up

Spring is a season of cheer in the West however it could also turn out to be a time of concern for many families in the US. This is the time when the lawn-mower injuries shoot up and causes higher number of injuries including amputations among the children.

‘Johns Hopkins Children’s Center’ specialists call spring to be the “lawnmower injury season” as they warn that lawnmowers can cause severe injuries in children. These lawnmower injuries are among the leading causes of amputations in children. Such types of severe injuries caused by the lawnmowers very often require amputation or extensive reconstructive surgery.

Hopkins Children’s is one of the most prestigious pediatric trauma centers in Maryland where the most severe cases are treated.

The study brought alarming number of children visiting the hospitals due to lawnmower accidents, and the injuries caused by the lawn mower is more severe than any other tool or device.

The injuries range from lacerations, fractures and amputations of the fingers, hands, toes, feet and legs. The unfortunate children not only suffer the physical injuries but have to undergo the emotional and social problems associated with these kinds of injuries. Other type of injuries include being run over by a riding mower, any object being flung and striking the child, or the burns due to the gasoline or by touching the hot metal parts.

Children are particularly susceptible to the power mower injuries, mainly due to lack of proper safety precautions. Most of the time, the person riding the mower is completely unaware of a child’s presence behind the mower and the sudden reverse or the backing of the mower causes accidents. In 95 percent of the injuries, amputation and reconstructive surgery was found to be required.
They offer the following prevention tips:
Infants and toddlers should be kept indoors while a power mower is in operation.
Children younger than 16 should not be allowed to operate the mowers however can be encouraged to use push mowers.

Children should not be given a ride on the power mowers.
Wet grass can cause the child to slip and fall into the blade, so the mower should be switched off if you see a child running towards you.

The protective gear should be worn like the protective goggles and sturdy non slip shoes.
The lawn should be cleared of the debris and any other thing if flung can cause injury to the child. All the sticks and stones should be removed.

Upon completion of mowing, the mower should be kept out of reach of small children who might touch the hot metal parts.

Typically, pediatricians see the first such injuries in late April, but this year, the first case was reported in March. So there is a need to create alertness and awareness among the parents and other child caregivers of the dangers and also should be taught how to prevent such injuries.

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    what are these children retarded?
    if a child wants to jump into a lawnmower blade
    then let natural selection weed him out

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