Cooking Healthy and Tasty Gourment Food Tips

Food is essential for sustenance and needless to say it is the basic requirement of life. The basic elements or constituents of food include the carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals. These are all cooked in a variety of ways depending upon one’s tastes and even drank if it is in the form of liquid.

The source of food ranges from plants to animals and to today’s what is called ‘RTE foods’ or the ‘ready-to-eat processed foods’. The food habits of people differ from individual to individual and this is so because a specific set of people living in a particular region has their own style of cooking such that it results in a variety of cuisines as well as delights across the world.

Here are some basic tips on cooking to result in healthy and tasty food:

  • First, to keep the mineral and nutrient content of the vegetables, do not boil them for a longer period. Put a lid while cooking so that the vegetables get boiled in the steam itself. Never discard the water as its high in nutrient value. So use the water as soup or add it in the gravy.
  • Always wash vegetables before cutting or peeling to preserve the mineral nutrients.
  • Advisable to boil the cauliflower before cooking so that it does not have a negative effect on your body.
  • Wash the fish with vinegar to avoid its bad smell.
  • Always marinade the raw meat with papaya or vinegar to make it more sot and easy to digest. It also takes less time for cooking.

So, one need not be a connoisseur of food to cook a tasty dish, practicing these simple tips while cooking can result in delicious as well as healthy foods while saving time in preparing a dish.

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