Identical Twins May Be Genetically Different

Scientists across the world are still exploring new truths about . Until now it was a common belief that are identical genetically also. Researchers have established that this popular belief is no truth in itself.

A recent research study that has been conducted by American, Swedish, and Dutch scientists could be of immense significance for exploring the hereditary diseases, their causes and possible cures. Findings of this study are scheduled to be published in the next issue of a prestigious journal “The American Journal of Human Genetics”.

The researchers also went on to find answers to the questions like what are the factors responsible for development of Parkinson’s disease in one but not in the other. Some typical environmental reasons used to be assigned for such types of disparities and dissimilarities in twins until now. The present research however, added even more complications to the issue and scientists have now discovered that the reasons are not genetic always.

It is interesting to note that the genome in identical twins is also virtually identical apparently. Scientists have been successful to isolate and identify few tiny differences in these genomes and found that they are relatively common.

“This could have a major impact on our understanding of genetically determined disorders,” says Jan Dumanksi, the Co-Director of this research study.

Scientists involved 19 pairs of identical twins in their study and observed that the of each identical twin was essentially same but there were tiny differences in the number of copies of individual DNA segments. The difference was in the nature of either missing or as more copies among the twins.

This difference of DNA segments is possible explanations of identical twins getting affected with any disorder while the other one remaining healthy.

With this revelation, if one of the twins is sick, the scientists will possibly have a way for inducing specific genetic changes for curing the problem. Such changes will in turn change the genesis of common diseases also, according to Carl Bruder, the co-researcher.

Uncovering the tiny differences will immensely help in developing the new measures to control and cure health problems and other acute problems among the identical twins.

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