Tips To Remedy Nausea In Early And Late Pregnancy

Although pregnancy nausea is common and you want to limit the use of any medication during pregnancy, there is no need to suffer with the nausea. It is not about being “tough” during pregnancy and bearing symptoms such as nausea. If you are suffering with nausea, irrespective of whether it is early or later in your pregnancy, you have to take some action to remedy it. The reasons for pregnancy nausea varies so what works in early pregnancy may not in late pregnancy. And what works for one pregnant woman may not for another. Here are some simple tips to remedy nausea in pregnancy.

Sip Water Frequently

Sipping water can often help most types of nausea in pregnancy, be it the hormones causing it, the acid reflux or even motion sickness. Most women find that ice water helps a but more than water at room temperature. Sipping is also a component because it seems to be more effective that drinking or gulping down the water. If you have been vomiting then you may need to replace some of the lost electrolytes, as well as the water. Consider an oral rehydrating solution (ORS) which has the right combination of water and electrolytes.

Dry Crackers

Many women swear by dry crackers as a means of getting the nausea under control. Nibbling on these crackers can help you get some nutrition without triggering a vomiting episode if it has been occurring with other foods. The more bland the cracker, the better it usually is. It may be handy to keep some of these crackers by your bedside and snack on it in bed if the nausea is not abating. You can even do this first thing in the morning when you awaken and before the morning nausea kicks in fully once you start moving around.

Use Antacids

There are many antacids on the market that are safe for pregnancy. If acid reflux is the reason why you may be experiencing nausea then an antacid can definitely help ease it. The antacid works by neutralizing the stomach acid in your esophagus which can irritate it and trigger nausea. It also has other actions which gives you some lasting relief against nausea for several hours after using it. Always speak to your family doctor or gynecologist before you take any medication, even those antacids which are considered to be safe for pregnancy.

Avoid Excesses

When the cravings kick in, many pregnant women tend to overdo it with their favorite food, snack or treat. However, too much of any food can trigger nausea in any person. The same applies to pregnancy, if not more so. While it is good to feed your cravings, practice moderation. A few bites of chocolate instead of the whole bar. A small glass of soda instead of an entire can or bottle. And a small portion of your favorite food rather than stuffing yourself. Remember that what your mind and taste buds may want may not necessarily be as well accepted by your stomach and bowels. Nausea is a common digestive symptom and what you may feeling is indigestion.

Control The Vitamins

Sometimes nausea may be caused or worsened by taking certain vitamin and mineral supplements. This does not mean that you should not take the antenatal nutritional supplements prescribed for pregnancy. These supplements are very important. However, going overboard with using higher than required doses or even vitamins and minerals that are not always necessary in pregnancy should be avoided. As the saying goes “too much of a good thing …” By eating a balanced meal, you will get sufficient additional nutrients beyond the prescribed pregnancy supplements to ensure that you are your baby are healthy.

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