Use of Steroids and Steroid Abuse

Steroid abuse sounds crazy! Why? Well, steroids are banned drugs. They are banned because of their ill effects on body and health. Why a dangerous drug is so famous and even abused?

People use steroids to enhance their physical appearance. The use of steroids came to lime light though the newspapers claiming that athletes are using steroids to gain undue victories. Steroids proved to be very effective in muscle building.

People easily get impressed by sports figures and other public personalities. So steroids became popular regardless of their countless side effects. Steroid abuse first was a problem with the athletes and the sports world only, but afterwards the general society was also afflicted with it.

Although, many tiring measures have been taken in order to prevent extensive use of steroids. Yet, making the sale and purchase of steroids illegal in the absence of authorized medical prescription has not been so effective. Illegal purchases are easily made through internet giving full security.

People, who buy steroids, are great admirers of anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are used to build up muscles and attain high levels of performance. Anavar is a costly anabolic. The economical version of Anavar is Winstrol.

A word of advice for those who have positive decision to buy steroids should have pre hand information about the line of action, effects and after effects.

If you buy a steroid like Winstrol, you must know that it is more damaging than Anavar. Winstrol can cause acute liver damage, massive hair fall; baldness, joint swelling is also reported.

Available in injectable form in non-esterified, as aqueous stanozolol suspension, should be administered carefully because over dosing of Winstrol is highly destructive, also the dosage cycle differs for male and female both.

Over dosing i.e. drug abuse is harmful in commonly used medicines, and highly harmful for steroids. You can damage your health by steroid abuse with unrepairable damages, so do not make haste to buy steroid.

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