Addiction and Abuse

Are you addicted to online gaming?

Addiction online games With the huge advancements in home computing and the internet, online games have come a long way and now you can meet up with others online who are half way around the world and you can [Read More ...]

Addicted to Risk Taking

The risk of being addicted to risk taking Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is that attracts people to go sky diving, snow boarding, riding death defying roller coasters or any other form of extreme [Read More ...]

Understanding Workaholism

Addiction to work We have all heard of the term “you’re a workaholic” and the majority of us more than likely believe that it is nothing more than just a joke term. However for some people workaholism [Read More ...]

Binge Drinking

The latest addiction for teenagers A startling study recently conducted has shown that binge drinking in teenagers is on the increase and seems to be the latest addiction when it comes to teenagers. In a [Read More ...]
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